Thursday, May 28, 2015

Music Videos Rock!

             In my music video team, my teammates are Wailana Makepa and Sydney Nice. Each of us contribute to the editing and filming. Sydney always helps Wailana and I keep focused. She also helps with the editing. Wailana helps us organize our scenes so we know what scenes we have done. She also helps us find a way to make our scenes better. She thought of some ideas how to show we love our food. Each one of us contribute equally and we work great together!

To me, I think the audience will enjoy our love for food the most in our music video because everyone loves food! Also I think they will enjoy it because the way we explain our love for food is pretty hilarious. Lastly, i think they will enjoy it because most people can relate to our music video because instead of having a spouse you always have food to cheer you up.

I think our music video explains what we learned this year because our editing is very clear and that explains how we have gotten better at editing. Also it explains how we can work as a team with people we meet in our class. We really have gotten to know each other which is great because we work perfect together as a team. Lastly it explains how big our creativity has gotten because of being apart of G.T. class. We are able to expand our imagination and creativity much bigger because G.T. has taught us thats its okay to do that.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

Describe how your favorite song lyrics make you feel.
What music video song did your team pick and why?
Explain the visual story that your music video will tell.
Cite Musician & Screenshot Production Plan

I have a lot of favorite songs. But if I had to pick one I would pick Trap queen. The artist of the song is Fetty Wap. This song is more like a hip-hop and R&B song. This song usually makes me happy and very joyful when I listen to it because I love the beat and rhythm of the song and it makes me wanna dance.

For our music video song we chose the song "Your the one that I want" by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. This song is from the famous movie "Grease". We chose this song because my team and I love old song rhythms. Also because in the song we love the beat and excitement of the song.

Our visual story we will be telling in our music video is about having fun. We think we might do most of the music video outside of school because my team and I think it would be funner to do that because out of school we have more fun. Also we might like have a trampoline scene and a food scene because we love food and in the song it says "your the one that I want" and we are like talking to food. LOL...

This is our final production plan

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our Animation Story

For our animation story, our focus statement is "friend solve conflict". It tells our story because in the story, Maceo and I fight and don't wanna listen to each other but our friend Seth, helps Maceo and I realize that we were wrong. After he helps we realize I come back and we win the competition and we are all happy together as a successful team. Thats why our focus statement is "friend solves conflict".

The audience who will be watching our animation will learn that sometimes your wrong and you need to forgive. Another lesson would be is that friends are always there for you and will always help you in difficult situations. This is really relative when it comes to these lessons because in our age division there is a lot of drama and sometimes our friends are there to help you get pass them and ignore them.

As a team we have had a lot of up and downs. Some more difficult moments were trying to get all our team members together to work on the animation. For example sometimes seth would be busy with something but we needed him to do a scene with us. Also we had some difficulty trying to communicate with each other. We wouldn't communicate so sometimes two of us would do the same scene and thats just wasting time. Our best moments as a team would have been when we were getting towards the finish of our animation everyone started communicating better so we didn't have any problems. Also, when Brooke and I were editing our team where behind us suggesting some good parts we could change.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Animation Outtakes

My teammates in my team are: Brooke, Seth, Maceo.
Brooke, She likes to box, and likes to take photos.
Seth, He likes to boogieboard and he likes to eat good food.
Maceo, He went to Florida for a STN competition and he likes math.

There is a lot of different animation types. Two of those animations are stop motion and GIF. Stop motion  is a process when you take multiple pictures to make a physical moving video. For example you take a photo of someone doing something then you have them move a little more than you take another picture. In the end you add all the photos you took and it creates a moving person or object. Then theres the other animation, GIF. The Graphics Interchange Format (better known by its acronym GIF /ˈdʒɪf/ or /ˈɡɪf/) is a bitmap image format that was introduced by CompuServe in 1987[1] and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Webdue to its wide support and portability.The format supports up to 8 bits per pixel for each image, allowing a single image to reference its own palette of up to 256 different colors chosen from the 24-bit RGB color space. It also supports animations and allows a separate palette of up to 256 colors for each frame. 

For our animation story we are telling Maceo's story and how we go to a S.T.N. competition and have to compete.You should care because this story is something that most middle schooler can relate to.  

My GIF 1

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Typography Images

Typography is a process of arranging type over a portrait or photo. Typography can be used to make a beautiful picture stand out even more with the text. The different words explain the person or the symbol in the photo. Like for example your in love with swimming and your using a portrait of you for the typography photo, you may put texts's that explain swimming and what you love and relates to your life. This makes a long lasting impact because its not just an ordinary photo of someone or something, its a photo with meanings and symbols that explains the purpose of the photo or of the person.

The biggest challenge of this project is actually making the photo in Photoshop. Its very hard trying to equal and make the midtones and the shadows show clearly. Also, making the photo and doing the process of the masking and then inverting part was very hard. Lastly, trying to make sure you could see the different text was really hard also because I would position one part of the text then another part would get messed up with more texts on top of it.

For my three typography examples, there is: innovator, teacher and me. For the innovator I chose to do, Steve Jobs. He is the inventor of Apple and he is very intelligent. For the innovator, I covered Steve Job's portrait with text about his Apple company. For the Teacher, We had to choose one of the teachers or staff in our school to create a typography of them. Then we had to ask them 10-15 words that describe there everyday life, what they like to do, and what words describe them. Finally, for my me project we had to take a portrait photo of our selves and make a typography photo! We used text's that had to do with our lives. We used a different technique for each of the typography photos but for the me project, the technique was the hardest. My favorite typography was the teacher photo because the technique was easier. Also, we got to do a teacher of our choice and had them tell us words that described them. To me that was fun because we got to learn about the teacher we chose.

Me photo

Innovator photo

Teacher photo

Monday, February 23, 2015

Double Exposed Portraits

Portrait photography is a photo taken of a person to show their personality or mood of the subject. It also can be taken of a group of people. It can relate to a profile view because it shows personality and expression. Same with silhouetting, it shows your mood you are trying to express. Portrait photography is nothing compared to a regular photo you would of taken.

To create a Double Exposure photo you first must take one or two profile photos and two background images. Next, you open up photoshop, File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack and choose your images you would like to use. Then you resize the photo to, 8.5 x 11” 300 px/in. It should be the size of a regular piece of paper. Later, you blend the photos by clicking, D-Click Layer > Blend Mode > Screen. Lastly, to make your portrait creative you can click, Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Explore.
There you go! Thats how you create a double exposure picture in photoshop! Double exposure portraits are really fun to make! Its pretty fun blending not only the background photos but also your profile you took!

In my double portraits I used pictures of : lights, flowers, leaves and the ocean. In my first example I used flowers and leaves. I used those photos to symbolize me because I really like nature and how beautiful the leaves and flowers looked. For my second example I used a photo of the ocean and another photo of lights. I used those photos to symbolize me because I am a light person and I am always happy and joyful. Also , I used the ocean to symbolize me because I really like to swim in the ocean. I think my quality of work could've improved by taking another ocean picture because it looks a little pixelated.

Monday, February 9, 2015

HDR Photography

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI or HDR) is a set of techniques used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than possible using standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. HDR is used to add more dynamic range to photographs, where dynamic range is the ratio of light to dark in a photograph. What I like about HDR Photography is that it exposes the little details and makes the photo "POP"!

To create a HDR photo you will need a digital camera for the exposure bottoms. Next you will need to find a great view of something, somewhere or someone. Then you will press the plus (+) and minus (-), button and that will show the different exposure numbers, usually from a negative number to a positive number. Then, take seven photos with seven different exposure numbers so you can see the difference between the light and dark photos.

HDR Photography is way different from automatic HDR functions. Automatic HDR isn't clear enough and it might not be the way you want it to look. Also, it makes it less exposed which means LESS DETAILS. With HDR photography it gives you a choice between how light or dark you want it and it exposes it more to show more details.